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Automotive Industry

water bottle AHigh frequency welding can be the ideal process for a range of items within the automotive sector. The air/water tight seal is ideal for the changeable environments automobiles are often exposed to. Plastic welding can be used for items such as filter housings, valve components and lens housings.

A welded plastic item creates a totally sealed and sheltered environment which is prefect for protecting more delicate car components such as the air filter. Similarity, this idea applies to protecting the electrical components associated with headlights, using a plastic welded lens housing ensures the unit is kept clean and dry in a constant environment.

A range of smaller components can be manufactured by the welding process, due to the capability to create a strong permanent bond between 2 materials. The water bottle example pictured involves welding multiple pieces of material to create the appropriate shape, as well as incorporating a nozzle in the top of the product. This nozzle will also have been welded into position to ensure a consistent seal preventing leaks when the product is filled.