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Bespoke Welded Solutions

We're not just a plastic products manufacturer. We're a full-service facility that can help you at every stage of your plastic project. Our experienced staff are ready to use decades of skills and knowledge to provide you with a comprehensive solution to the complex needs of your business. Discover the different stages of flexible plastic production and how we can support your needs and requirements, no matter the challenge in front of us.

From detailed drawings and cutting patterns to the demands of large volume production and tight deadlines, we are confident in the first-class services Flexiplastics offers to every customer, in every industry.


We understand the strengths and capabilities of our chosen materials, production methods, seams, welding lengths and more. Following 40+ years of superior service and up-to-date research, we only work with the finest quality fabrics and accessories. We use this level of insight and understanding to design specific and made-to-measure products that are professional, stylish, and above all else, functional.

From your initial enquiry, we’ll do everything we can to plan, design, and make your ideal flexible plastic project. Speak to our sales team today to understand how we use the expertise and experience of the Flexiplastics team, whilst ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your design.



Looking for the ideal product but can’t seem to find it? Work with the Flexiplastics development team to construct and test a custom product that fulfils all of your needs and requirements. As a business, we’ve been able to rise to exciting challenges by welcoming talented and highly skilled professionals to our team and utilising their knowledge and enthusiasm for the benefit of our customers.

Thanks to our understanding of the necessary durability, security, and functionality specifications of our client's needs, we're proud to create a wide variety of products from the highest quality materials available. From concepts and prototypes to rigorous quality control of the final product, Flexiplastics are here to help you with your next innovative project, whatever it is intended for.


Volume Production

Over the past 40 years, Flexiplastics has built a plant list featuring a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and developed the ability to manufacture a diverse collection of items in a range of premium plastics and films. Our production team have built a coherent and consistent manufacturing process that ensures the creation of first-class products from the overall aesthetic and functionality down to the tiniest details of fastenings and fittings.

With a growing team of talented welders and technicians, and the capacity of our 24,000 sq ft production facility in Chesterfield, we’re able to commit to a variety of projects and guarantee large volume production that meets all the challenges and requirements of your order. Even in the midst of global pandemics and epidemics, we've been able to produce thousands of superb quality pieces that meet the high standards of both ourselves and the important work of our customers.

Mass Production