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medical-products-largeFlexiplastics are plastics welders with specialist skills within medical applications, designed to suit task specific requirements. Our Isolators are specified by the MoD, NHS, Universities and many industry clients throughout the UK and worldwide.

Isolators provide an impermeable barrier providing bio-security for operators and to protect against contamination of the Isolator contents by external environmental factors. Flexiplastics Isolators are designed for use in demanding conditions for both medical and experimental applications and can be designed with the precise needs of the customer in mind.

Operator access via sleeves or body suits enables safe operation without contamination in either direction.

Why Flexible Isolators?

Flexible Isolators offer a number of key advantages over rigid systems. The Isolator often referred to as the Envelope or Canopy is manufactured by welding PVC materials to provide a sealed unit. This is then suspended in a frame and designed to provide access points for operators and staff using glove sleeves or half suits (body suits).

We can manufacture to any shape or size and can incorporate access points for any kind of filter, monitors, drips, feeds, ventilation, adding supplies or removing waste. In-use Flexible isolators are held under negative pressure by using a fan to draw air out from the isolator and maintain an internal air pressure slightly lower than the external environment, this ensures that there is no tendency for particles of any size to be expelled through any seal or other aperture in the isolator ensuring no hazardous materials are released into the environment.

Our Isolators undergo an inflation pressure test. This ensures that they are gas tight and leave the factory fully checked and ready to use.

Integrated Isolator systems

As a nominated supplier of the NHS’s patient transport Isolator system we manufacture a suite of inter-connectable isolators allowing safe evacuation of a casualty from the source of contamination through to the hospital treatment facility.

At each stage the casualty can be treated by medical staff who have access through sleeves or body suits to enable continuous treatment and care of the patient. The units must also be compatible with other flexible isolation elements such as the Supply Isolator holds all medical equipment and resources which may be required within the bed unit.